BAMP Mission Statement

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Healthcare professionals have endured years of academic pursuits followed by years of hands on training. The gap perhaps in the development of a medical career is the business development.  Business expansion can amplify financial gain of medical training.

This unique business themed association was born out of a clear need and interest to amplify the opportunities, financial development and business development for Healthcare providers. Innovation in healthcare is propelled through entrepreneurial education

Through the collaboration of partners relevant to healthcare providers we enable providers to use their resources more efficiently, deliver safer care and reduce patient wait times. One of the most rewarding aspects of our organization, involves working with clinicians, to see dramatic results through the collaboration of colleagues and specialists in the areas of business.  We strive for our meetings, events and communication to drive an agenda that produces actionable management knowledge for the health sector and the life sciences.

We are intensely focused on assisting Medical professionals who own businesses, by providing business acumen, creating forums for networking, providing education and opportunity. We recognize the remarkable skills of medical professionals, physicians, dentists, naturopaths, chiropractors, therapists and specialists to identify but a few. Clinical strengths paired with business savy minimizes the stresses of the entrepreneurial aspect of medical practices.

We boast a strong and passionate business healthcare community, due largely in part to the experienced professionals that we have partnered with providing, world-class speakers, industry partners, and insight from accountants, to lawyers, to management experts with a wealth of knowledge.

Healthcare is an area with significant management challenges. This community can benefit from labor relations information, to accounting, to growth to real estate and so much more.

It takes hard work and continuous review to keep a business on track. Medical businesses are not immune from the changes of the economic climates, technology changes and generation trends.  The Business Association for Medical Professionals inspires to provide the tools for prosperity. Whether we are a broker of information on opportunity, provide simplified business education on the fundamentals, or the provider of networking opportunities we believe it’s through the collective effort of the business to business providers itself that we will all grow and prosper.

If you believe in this mission, if you believe in the concept of a collaborative approach, and believe as we do that there is immense potential for the future, then join the Business Association for Medical Professionals and strengthen the Medical Business Community!