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Our Dynamic Team

Gayani Bellana BSc
Gayani Bellana BScVice President
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Gayani Bellana B.Sc.

With 18 years of professional healthcare management experience, Gayani brings a unique efficient approach to business.  Gayani has worked in the medical industry from the HR departments to developing processes and policies all in the interest of increasing profitability.  She has a proven track record of delivering realistic solutions to clients.  Her areas of expertise involve the customization of pillars of business to the specific size and type of medical/dental practices.  Working with many organizations and levels of employees, she is able to identify quickly and efficiently opportunities for development.  Working as a private consultant, she has participated in the development of properties for medical practices to the transitioning of purchased practices.

Grant GamblePresident
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Grant Gamble BBM, CPA

After obtaining a Bachelor of Business Management, Grant obtained his CPA designation.  He began in public accounting shortly thereafter entering into private industry in a finance role.  Grant then quickly moved into the sales and marketing disciplines. After being promoted to Vice President of Marketing in a 500 million dollar company, he was promoted to Senior Vice President of the same company, a position that he then continued to hold for 12 years.  For over 20 years, Grant has been successful at identifying opportunities for a business to improve and ultimately developing a strategy and an execution plan to improve revenue and bottom-line results.  His abundant experience in sales and marketing development has allowed him to identify efficiently the potential gaps of teams.